Dear Alderwoman Lee,

Since October 7th, at least 25,490 people have been killed and 63,000 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza. The revised death toll in Israel since the Hamas attacks stands at 1,139. The Israeli military has ordered almost 90,000 residents and 425,000 displaced people to leave a 4 sq km (1.4sq miles) residential area in Khan Younis, UNOCHA says. Approximately 280 people are killed every day in Gaza due to this bombardment. A call for a ceasefire would be a monumental step in saving those lives. 

We, residents of the 11th ward, call on you, Alderwoman Lee and urge you not to delay in signing onto Alderwoman Rosanna Rodriguez-Sanchez’ Ceasefire Resolution. We call for the return of all hostages and an end to the senseless violence which has cost the lives of many innocents, some of which are your constituents’ family members. We know that you understand what it’s like to bring principled work into every aspect of life, as a daughter of a public servant and a long time humanitarian worker. We are constituents, but we are also healthcare workers, journalists, students, mothers, fathers, grandparents, and teachers. A ceasefire would call for the protection of humanitarian workers, medical staff, educators, families and journalists. We see ourselves in the people of Gaza, we cannot wait anymore and the people of Gaza, certainly, cannot. 

It is rare when local politics can affect global issues of justice. Alderwoman Lee, in your courageous stance for our immigrant populations know all too well how much of an impact our voices can have. We are united in our call for a ceasefire and an end to the blockade on humanitarian aid into Gaza. Chicago sets a precedent in the critical national call for a ceasefire. As the third largest city in the country, our voice matters, and the 11th ward is crucial in this ceasefire passing. There is no time to lose, alderwoman Lee, please stand with life and humanity and carry on your long history of principled advocacy by calling for a ceasefire imminently. 

Sign the petition (Only for 11th ward residents)