Bridge Events

The Bridge Events are at the core of Jisoor’s Political education outreach work. Bridge was the first program Jisoor launched and has the greatest success to date. The aim of our Bridge Events is to establish a bridge between students and community organizers. Bridge gives students conducting research on Palestine and affiliate issues, a platform to present their research to the larger community. This not only gives the student an opportunity to gain transferable skills in presenting and communicating their work, but gives the larger community the opportunity to engage with research that would be otherwise inaccessible to them. Jisoor’s maintained a dedication to free and accessible information for all remains at the forefront of our work. After Bridge Events, students get the opportunity to have their work published in our magazine Al Qalam. 

Bridge Events are centered around community dialogue. The largest and most important part of the event is the discussion section. Bridge Events are small and intimate to facilitate open dialogue and give everyone the opportunity to hear from all participants. Every participant at a Bridge Event is sent a literature package a week prior; prepared by the student presenter and the Jisoor research team, this packet will have easily digestible readings on the student’s research and any other resources needed to prepare for discussion. Printed copies of the literature are also provided at the event in our Engagement Folders. These folders will contain the literature for the event, a survey of the event, discussion questions, information about upcoming Jisoor workshops and projects, and the latest issue of Al Qalam. All literature at Jisoor is printed in Arabic and English. 

If you are interested in attending or presenting at an upcoming Bridge Event please follow our links below to get involved!