Future Plans

Jisoor is looking toward the future with hope. Built on the shoulders of 75 years of resistance, activists and organizations which came before us. Jisoor is interested in growing our global network to strengthen our movement from here to the Belad and from the river to the sea. 

Please consider partnering with us if you would like to contribute to our Webinar Series as a speaker or organizer. Our webinars seek to connect activated organizers and communities in the US with grassroots movements in Palestine doing work on the ground! 

We are excited to expand and grow our digital library. If you have family stories, oral history, books, pictures, videos, or any resources you would like to contribute please reach out to us via our contributions page! Jisoor is dedicated to freedom of information and accessibility. Our digital library is free and open to everyone, however we are dedicated to maintaining the security and safety of our communities if you have concerns about your contributions please reach out to us via email. 

We hope to grow our digital library to soon include the Al Qalam magazine, a newsletter which will provide news updates for the communities here and in Palestine. We seek to build a platform by which the diaspora and those in the Belad can work together through art, literature, design and activism! 

We work with many organizations which have diverse and rewarding volunteer opportunities! Whether it be here in our communities helping with food pantries or in the Belad re-planting olive trees! We look forward to growing these opportunities in the future bringing the diaspora and Falestini closer together!